Serving you a broad selection of mouth-watering menus
Our menus are prepared using the finest local and imported ingredients
Murtabak Ali - Our version of the famous Middle Eastern stuffed pancake filled with beef, egg and green onions, served piping hot with our special pickle and fresh chili pepper
Seafood Chowder Soup - Porta's cream based soup with prawns, fish and crabstick
Prawn Dijon Salad - a salad combination of prawns, smoked beef, egg, potatoes, and lettuce served with Dijon dressing
VIP Beef Sandwich - Smoked beef sandwich with fried egg, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and onion, served with french fries
Porta Alfredo - A combination of cream based pasta cooked with chicken fillet, smoked beef slice and mushroom
Fish Island Steak - Grilled selected Dory fish fillet with Porta's spicy sweet and sour sauce, served with carrot, green beans, tomato slice and french fries
Nasi Goreng Bungkus - White fried rice with shredded chicken, peas and carrot, wrapped in a fried egg pouch, served with shrimp crackers and pickle
Gado-Gado Tunjungan - A vegetable medley with tofu, tempeh, rice cake and hard boiled egg, served with our peanut dressing and garnished with traditional crackers
Banana Pancake - Pancake with bananas dusted with powdered sugar and topped with maraschino cherry
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