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Some people might wonder what the word "Porta" means. "Porta" is a word derived from Europe which was used by all territories at the time of the Roman Empire until today. The word has many variations and may differ in spelling in different countries, but all has the same general meaning as "the gate", which goes along with our vision to be the gate to delicacies, success and customer satisfaction.
The Porta Group is a group of melting pot personnel. Our team consists of experts from Indonesia and overseas. We personalize the saying "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" and cater every bit of our menu to suit our local customer's taste and standards. We serve a broad selection of mouth-watering favorite food and beverages from both Eastern and Western hemispheres. You'll definitely be back for more of our taste buds pampering menus.
We are constantly creating and innovating healthy menus using the finest local and imported ingredients. Porta Resto & Lounge is our first project in Indonesia, we chose Surabaya because it's known for its unique population, pricing sensitivity and culinary picks. Quality and our customer's satisfaction are our top priorities. Please let us know if you have any comments and suggestions through:
Phone: 08383 060 1000, Blackberry PIN: 215957AD, email: info@theportagroup.com ,
or fill out the guest comment form at Porta Resto & Lounge.
Buon Appetito!
Mr. Prasetyo
Brand Manager
The Porta Group

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